Sustainability services


The AHE design and engineering team introduce sustainability principles at the design stage of the projects that contribute to the “health” facility, minimize the carbon footprint, provide cost-efficient environmentally friendly buildings and have a long-term commercial viability.

Regular environmentally sustainable development reviews include composite power systems, water harvesting, equipment design and layout. Natural resource usage, landscaping and building designs to minimize energy consumption.

Within the office we have senior employees who are “certified green professionals” under the QSAS and LEED assessment systems. They will provide backup, research and education in sustainable issues and will regularly attend internal work stage reviews to provide guidance and support at all stages of projects.

AHE national and corporate memberships for sustainability organizations:

  • Corporate Member of Qatar Green Building Council
  • Service provider of QSAS sustainable program
  • Corporate member of Gulf Organization for Research and Development
  • National member of USGBC, the developer of LEED sustainability rating system