Interior Design Projects – Commercial Building

Commercial Building

Our Interior Design concept is to create a formal, contemporary yet elegant impression. This approach is reflected in the line, form, colour and texture. Our vision is to highlight the strong vertical presence of the building, whilst the diagonal lines complement the interior space and acts as a focal point to the Design.


It is our intent to highlight the comfortable luxury of the Al Najma Hotel by developing a design concept which appeals to a broad range of consumers. Our aim is to offer high-quality, innovative and modern interiors with contemporary elements whilst preserving our Client’s well-known brand. Our design will offer a warm elegance to the Hotel’s interior.

Head Office

HEC is preparing a new state-of-the-art head office which will unify all our departments in one centralized location. Workspaces have been arranged to maximize efficiency and communication between departments while providing a pleasant and professional working environment.

Offices will feature advanced technology, such as a fully automated board room, and will serve as a showcase for the company’s latest achievements in the field of design and construction. Space is provided within the offices to test our innovation and construction techniques.